U & Me is an online documentary series that celebrates unique friendships between very different people.

Friendships that begin on a daily basis.
Friendships that will surprise you.
Friendships worth celebrating.

At U & Me we think it’s worth celebrating that people can #findcommonground on just about anything, and we know that become friends with and people can fall in love with anybody, regardless of colour, religion, culture or other things.
It really will surprise you just how wonderful having a friend very unlike yourself can be and it may even encourage you to be friends with someone you didn’t think was possible.

Friendship is priceless.
Friendship is fun.
Friendship is really what makes the world go round.

So if you think friendship equals happiness and happiness equals more happiness – then consider becoming a supporter or sponsor of U & Me so we can share more wonderful stories that really can change the world, one friend at a time.

We know multiculturalism is about living in the world with friends and we’ve been doing it for years already.

Let's make things even better.
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